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This is a community for any kind of immigration to Denmark, Norway or Sweden.
About immigration_sca:
This is a community for people who have or will immigrate to the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Whether you are going to study, work, take a vacation or be with your loved ones this is the place for you. Ask questions, share stories, and get support when you need it. If you are done with the process, please, feel free to stick around and tell us about life in the new country. If you are Scandinavian and you are bringing your significant other into the country to live with you, or helping a friend, you are also welcome.

Please write an intro post and tell us your story and immigration status when you join, so people can get to know you. The maintainer will add it to the memories as well.

Community rules:
- Please be respectful and tolerant.
- No drama, flaming or stuff like that.
- As usual - large images belong behind the world famous LJ-cut.

Useful links
- Scandinavica.com

- Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
- New in Norway

- Danish Directorate of Immigration
- Work in Denmark

- Swedish Directorate of Immigration
- The Immigrant Institute

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krepander is the maintainer. If you have any questions, suggestions for links to put in the bio, entries to put in the memories, or are you being harassed by another member don't hesitate to contact me.