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b_r_u_n_h_i_lde in immigration_sca

Uppsala University vs Gothenburg University!, Advice needed on choosing between them.

Hi everybody!

I seriously need a piece of advice! Yesterday evening I've got a mail from The School of Business, Economics, and Law, University of Gothenburg (not an e-mail, a post mail!) They manage admissions outside of studera system (due to the incompatibility of deadlines). I have been admitted to the M.Sc. in Industrial Management. At the same time I have SG=DA & MR=999 for Uppsala Uni, MSc in Economics, as far as I understand this means very high chance of being admitted. I know that in general Uppsala is much more prestigious than Gothenburg, but The School of Business, Economics, and Law is quite separate and also very good. Not being very familiar with the situation of Swedish university rankings, I would like to have some suggestions on the matter. Thanks for advance for any help!