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lizzie and darcy

asphaltjungle in immigration_sca

hello, i'm not northbound yet, but as an anti-capitalist american, i am seriously considering immigration in the coming years. sweden has particularly caught my attention, because from what i have read thus far, its politics and economics are exactly what i want in a country, though i must admit that i have not done any reading about any other scandinavian countries yet.

since actual immigration would most likely be years away for me, i am considering exchange programs for when i go to university. the university that i plan to go to, arizona state university, has an exchange program with örebro university.

so, i have a few questions that i would really appreciate if you could try to answer. (:

is örebro a safe, pleasant place? is scandinavia in general safe? i ask because my family is really concerned about the recent influx of middle eastern refugees in scandinavia and the rest of europe. personally, i have no biases toward these people, but regardless, safety is a matter of concern.

is it feasible for an american student to take do university studies in english, but also take courses in swedish language (learning how to read, write, and speak it)? i don't know of any places in arizona where i could begin taking swedish language courses beforehand.

thanks for all of your help! <3


As for the courses available at the university in Orebro, you should check out their webpage. You'll be able to take a Swedish language for foreigners course.
Scandinavia is a whole lot safer than the US, in every way.

Your family's attitude towards middle eastern immigrants is common, and drives me nuts. Everyone should live as a foreigner sometime in their lives to understand that it's not a cakewalk, and that white foreigners are just as foreign as other-colored foreigners. And you'll be a non-EU foreigner, just like them. I'm glad you understand that!! :)

Good luck, it's possible.
thank you so much for your help and kindness! (:

i've been reading about the scandinavian attitude toward middle eastern immigrants. it seems to be almost an international attitude, actually. ): it's such a shame.
ASU is extremely lame. Sweden is extremely amazing. Eliminate the middle man!

Sweden is incredibly safe. I have to be honest, I have only been attacked twice in my life, and both were by Somalians in Denmark, but really, it's such a rare and unheard of occurrence. Especially in a city like Örebro, you can walk around at 4 in the morning (which often happens after extended visits to the pubs) and not feel afraid.
This is a belated response but I just found this community.

Have you tried Folkuniversitet's online course? There's a distance-ed one you can get credit for, which you have to pay for, but there are a few free ones out there as well. I spent a brief time living in Tempe and agree - it sucks. I've only passed through Örebro on the train, but it looks amazing and some folks I met who went to university there said it was a really neat town. By the way, I'll be attending Lund University beginning in June - dreams can come true!
It seems a bit odd that your American family from Arizona is touchy about immigrants. ;) I say this as a well-meaning fellow American. :) Anyway, Scandinavia is a ton safer than America and a lot less diverse than Arizona, that's for sure. Frankly, you could go almost anywhere in Europe and be just as safe or safer than you would be almost anywhere in our dear homeland. That includes places like Estonia and so on... don't be afraid of the East :)