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feeprinzessin in immigration_sca

Intro post for an exchange student!

Hi there everyone! I just joined this community today, and it says to make an intro post...so...here I am!

My name is Julia, I'm 16 years old, and I live in Canada. I'm not exactly immigrating, but I am going for a year long student exchange into Denmark. Originally, I was supposed to be in Germany....but the rotary club ran out of spots, so they chose to put me in Denmark. I still don't know what city I will be staying in or anything, though.

I'm a little afraid, because I don't know anything about the country, or the language, but... I've joined a few livejournal communities to help me learn a bit more about the country. I hope I can make some friends here as well.


Congratz on the scholarship! I am here in Denmark so feel free to add me to your friends list and let me know when you know where you will be living. And I think you were lucky to end up with DK over Germany :)
Thank you! I'm adding you right now! (:

There is one question I do have right off the bat... What's the weather like? Is it the standard four seasons?
Welcome. I was an exchange student too, it is a lot of fun!

Denmark isn't a bad place to be put. So many people go to Germany, Denmark is more special:=)