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_fortress in immigration_sca

visiting the US with criminal record?

           I live in the US and have a friend in Norway who would like to come visit for a few weeks.  He's afraid to apply for the US Visa because he was charged with possession of pot a few years ago.  I've tried googling, but I still don't quite understand how this stuff works.  Do you think he have trouble getting into the US for visitation purposes with one, minor criminal offense such as this?  (I consider it minor, anyway...)

Thanks for any info you have!


When you fill out the green visa waiver form on the plane for US Immigration there is a checkbox for 'have you ever been arrested/convicted of something'. If the answer is yes they strongly suggest you apply for a holiday visa (B1?). He might be ok, and the US Embassy in Oslo should be able to give him an answer. I think drugs is one of the things that can get you some trouble, but don't quote me on that.