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erinmack in immigration_sca

finding work as a new arrival to Sweden

I'm a UC Berkeley student who will be spending my last summer and semester at Berkeley on an exchange program in Lund. This will be my fourth time in Sweden, though my first three trips were brief. I have a handful of friends there, am studying the language, and truly love the country. I also have dual US/Irish citizenship, enabling me to legally live and work in EU countries for as long as I would like. My time in the San Francisco Bay Area feels like it's coming to an end - my partner of six years split up with me last year, my closest platonic friend is moving cross-country, and I'm graduating. As a Scandinavian major considering a doctorate in the field, the chance to become truly fluent is very appealing to me, and as I haven't a reason to be anywhere else in particular, the idea of staying in Sweden for several years (or more) appeals to me. As I'm not fluent yet, however, I have absolutely no idea what my chances are of finding employment of any stripe until I am.

At 32, I've held a lot of "menial" jobs - housecleaning, home care, food service, sales, etc. I don't think of anything as being "beneath me", and I'm extremely flexible. However, everyone I've spoken to has said that getting one's foot in Sweden's job market requires having the right connections, and that without absolutely fluency things are challenging to say the least. Is there hope for me? Can I find work in Sweden if I'm willing to settle for something less than ideal? (Specifically, I'm hoping to live in Malmö or Göteborg.)
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