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krepander in immigration_sca

Zomg it worked!

In september I flew over to the US for two weeks and married my dude. He came home with me and about 2 weeks later (1st week of october) we applied for first time residency at the local police station. They gave us a long speech about how this is allowed but 'you should have applied from the US' because Oslo wants that blah blah 'the rules had changed lately'..... We are fully aware, been following immigration rules closely in the past year to prepare for this. They accepted his application but told us we had to add a letter saying that we weren't an arranged marriage for a visa to Norway, but we had a while before they needed it. Ok we said and went home to wait.

3rd November he gets a letter from the city inviting him to Norwegian classes since he's gotten residency! It's a saturday and he runs down to the police first thing monday morning. Yes, he was given residency on 26th of October! He got his passport back 4 days later and we are now applying for a personal number and a tax card.

So the whole thing took 4 weeks?? And we didn't even send the letter yet! We are happy but confused. Maybe they mistook his application for one of those who applied a year in advance from their home country and only has to adjust status when they arrive Norway. Our financial status and application in general was perfect (nothing missing), so it could be just a coincidence. Or did they speed it up because we are both white and from western countries (I really hope not, but unfortunately that's how Norway works sometimes, though the Immigration office really shouldn't be bastards). Or maybe it was opposite proportional to the amount of worrying I did while we planned this:p

The current casework time is 9 months. Anyone with other stories of unusual short or long application times?


I don't know, if it may help, but the process of family reunification in Canada takes at least 9 months too :)